Digital high-speed control: The Diez Teck-Tiger

Introduced at the beginning of 2006, the Diez Teck-Tiger from Desiteck is the first fully digital high-end ballast using a 32 bit processor for high performance – developed in-house!

This electronic ballast offers never-before-achieved power values, making the Diez Teck-Tiger particularly interesting for the high power sector.

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An innovation with convincing advantages for the customer:

  • Max. reliability through 40,000 complete system scans per second
  • Control rate < 10 ms
  • Soft start on the network supply – lamp factor 1.0
  • Parameterisable
  • Highly precise reproducibility of curing results through digital control
  • Line current is never greater than with operation at nominal value and is distributed symmetrically to the feeding network
  • No problems with dark period thanks to operating frequency of 20 kHz
  • Objective of machine drive speeds 900 m/min
  • Extremely customer friendly with minimal wiring. 3 conductors in, 2 lamp wires out
  • Weight (35 kW unit): only 80 kg

Further information is available from Desiteck. Alternatively you can view our product information in PDF format: tecktiger-leaflet.pdf


Diez UV-Control stepless active power control

We have developed an exact UV lamp power control especially for ballasts used in UV curing. You receive a steplessly adjustable, true real active power control with excellent precision.

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Your advantages:

  • True RMS (effective) value measurement of lamp voltage and lamp current
  • Measurement of real power of lamp independent of power factor
  • Current and power are separately adjustable through 2 separate control circuits in an automatic transfer circuit
  • Curing power can be adjusted to the specification of the used lacquer/paint accurately…
  • …and reproducibly at any time
  • Independent of mains fluctuations through quick correction of power
  • 3 setpoint inputs for power, power limitation and current limitation (standard interfaces 0-20 mA, 0-10 V, 0-5 V)
  • 3 analogue outputs for the processing of process data lamp voltage / lamp current / active power (standard interfaces 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, 2-10 V, 0-5 V, 1-5 V)
  • Simultaneous availability of electrical lamp data enables an overriding process control to carry out adaptive adjustment of the lamp cooling
  • Separate adjustability enables exact limiting of current and power and enables protection of electrodes during start-up of the lamps
  • Contiguous flow of current in lamp
  • No upper power limit!
  • Compact design
  • Comfortable commissioning through DiMo

Perfect control with DiMo (Diez Monitor)
Our software oscilloscope DiMo with integrated graphic engine visualises all the electrical lamp data (current, voltage and active power). Switch on the laptop, plug in the UV control and all the values are immediately available!
All performance data can be saved, printed and mailed. Thus the person commissioning the system does not have to carry measurement devices suitable for high voltage.

The UV control can also be used to modify all existing magnetic ballasts to be steplessly adjustable ballasts. At the same time the existing transformers are used.
The UV control was developed especially for the technical requirements of magnetic ballasts. Naturally, the UV control can also find use in other industrial applications where high accuracy and exact reproducibility are required.

Guaranteed DIEZ quality.
All components developed in-house.
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