From Otto Diez Elektromaschinenbau to Desiteck

1957 Company founded by Otto Diez in Kirchheim. Production of small transformers and the repair of electrical motors.

1960 Move to Dettingen. Expansion of the product range to include small motors.

1964 Move to newly built premises in the industrial estate. New production areas quickly expand to become the main line with the development and manufacture of high-reactance transformers for the operation of UV lamps. The printing industry began adopting these lamps more and more in the seventies.

1989 Manfred Diez takes over management of the company with the aim of developing the Dettingen location and establishing DIEZ ballasts in the UV sector with state-of-the-art technology. Top priority is given to the development of stepless load regulation for ballasts.

1992 A patent application for a stepless load control for ballasts is submitted. In the following years a mid-frequency ballast is developed in cooperation with partners to open up new possibilities for the optimized regulation of ballasts in the printing industry.

2012 Otto Diez Elektromaschinenbau change their name to Desiteck GmbH.

Today Desiteck offer a comprehensive range of products from simple high-reactance transformers to complete systems with stepless load regulation developed in-house.